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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join BBA Committees?

Associates are generally excluded from BBA committees and working parties. However, on occasion, a BBA Policy Director may invite a representative from an Associate firm to participate on an ad-hoc basis.

Can I sit on the BBA Council?

Members of the BBA Council come from the full membership only and therefore Associates do not have a seat.

How do I renew my membership?

The membership is run on a calendar year, each January a letter will be sent to you along with a subscription invoice asking you if you wish to renew your subscription. In the event you decide not to, then simply contact the BBA by email or letter and confirm your decision. If you decide to remain in membership, simply arrange for payment to be made against the invoice.

What happens if I want to resign my firms membership?

In the event you wish to terminate your membership, simply send written confirmation to the BBA of your intention. If your resignation is received before the year end, you will be refunded for that portion of the membership that you havent used.

Are subscription fees negotiable?

Subscription fees are set by the Board of BBA Enterprises and are non-negotiable.

How can I ensure I get to speak at BBA events?

Simply keep in touch with the BBA Conference Team. Ideally, appoint someone in your marketing team to co-ordinate your BBA activity. That way the BBA can send through details of opportunities to someone who is well situated to respond on behalf of the firm.

How do I make sure I get the best out of my membership?

Thats easy. Communication. Think of BBA Enterprises as an extension of your marketing department. If you update something on your website, make sure you notify BBA so we can update your own page on the BBA site. If you have held as successful in-house briefing, let BBA know.

We may be able to run it again but on a wider scale. Use the Policy Directors and the BBA website for information needs. If you want to find something out but cant find it on the web, then email the BBA to find out more.

Not sure what to do now?

If you believe membership of the BBA is right for your firm, but would like to discuss it in more detail, get in touch and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

Please contact: Jason Cole, Commercial Director, on 020 7216 8824.

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