• Moving

    Reducing the cost of your move

    Let’s admit it. Moving is expensive. Aside from the new property cost, the moving process itself is expensive. But, there are ways you can move without having to pay large sums of money. You might think it is impossible, but there are ways you can have a cost-friendly move. Balance your costs Think about your budget. Like we said, moving is an expensive thing, but budgeting can help reduce it. There are some things you will obviously need like boxes and bubble wrap. But, there are some things that you might see as low-priority that you may not spend a lot on. Cutlery (there is no need for new ones if you are…

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  • Bankruptcy

    Blackwood Civil and Family Bankruptcy Court Information

    Here is what the Insolvency Service in the UK has to say to those considering bankruptcy: “Before you take any action to apply for your own bankruptcy, you should get your own legal or financial advice about bankruptcy and the other options available to you. The Insolvency Service and the courts cannot advise you on specific insolvency problems; for example, whether you should go bankrupt or your company should go into liquidation, or whether you should look at alternatives. You should get independent advice. You may consult a solicitor, a qualified accountant, an authorised insolvency practitioner or a reputable financial advisor.”

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