Common questions we get asked

Q. How much will FreshStart charge me for these services and advice?

A. Our advice is free.

Q. How much work is involved with Debt Management?

A. It’s simple, all you have to do is complete a financial fact finds form, and send it back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided with the appropriate supporting documentation. We will take it from there!

Q. I don’t like talking about money, let alone negotiating with creditors. What is your advice?

A. With a Debt Management plan, there is very little paperwork, a couple of forms and no need to deal with the courts and creditors yourself. We will act in your best interests at all times and negotiate the best solution for you.

Q. There are differences in Scottish Law, how does it affect me?

A. Residents in Scotland have another option before choosing bankruptcy, called a Protected Trust Deed. It is similar to an IVA where an affordable monthly repayment schedule is established, but for a typical period of 3 years – at the end of the arrangement, any remaining debts are usually ‘written off.’

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