About us

If you have ever been fined for exceeding your overdraft limit, a failed direct debit or a bounced cheque, you may have been a victim of unfair bank charges.

Who are we?

This website has been made possible due to collaboration between a group of four people who have suffered penalty charges from banks and who have successfully recovered or are in the process of recovering those charges.Contact us:

Although banks are perfectly within their rights to make a charge if you do break your contract, in April 2006, the Office of Fair Trading said that banks had been charging customers at a significantly higher level that is legally fair. It ruled that any charge that exceeded certain limited administration costs” was unlawful.

Over the last six years, the average person in the UK has been charged more than £2,000 in unfair bank fees, which works out at about £4.7 billion every year; now it’s time to get it back!

We work with Claims Financial, a specialist company set up to help the victims of unfair bank charges. Claims Financial work on a no-win no fee basis, managing your case from start to finish and taking care of all the legalities so you don’t have to worry about a thing.