Claim Back Charges

How to claim your bank Charges back

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  1. Back Charges from Hell is unique in the way we claim interest on your charges. Unlike other companies who can only claim S.69 interest at 8%. We claim your unauthorized overdraft rate of typically 29.9%. We also compound the interest so we calculate it monthly just as you and your bank would calculate your interest. This unique claim process could net you £220 for a single £40 charge in 2000 whereas other companies will only get £43.20 and that is if it gets to the court stage.

How do I start my claim?
You can either submit your information via our online application form or by calling a claims advisor Free on 0800 0470 152. We will send you our standard agreement form to sign and return in a pre-paid addressed envelope.

Do I need to do anything else?
No, as soon as we receive your completed application we will undertake all responsibilities involved in reclaiming your charges

How do I know how much I have been overcharged?
Once we have your application we will submit a subject access request and complete a free audit of your account to calculate the charges applied to your account for the last 6 years

How much will it cost me?
Our service is results-based. You will only be asked to pay any fee if you receive a refund or settlement from your bank. The fee will be 40% of that refund